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[OOC: Please note that this is not a CR post. This is where Iroh keeps track of the students that he has met, their personality traits and behaviors. Since, you know, it's kind of his job. He will update it regularly as he threads with students.]

Apollo: Interesting young man... Eats wildlife, (squirrels) does not seem to bathe. Prefers to be outdoors. Animal-like behaviors. A slight smugness when he gains approval or is proven right to authority. Proud of his abilities.

Amon: (Seems to be a last name?) Quiet, intelligent, seems pessimistic. Reluctant to talk about himself. Not the type of kid to easily make friends, unfortunately. 

Elian: Quiet, intelligent beyond his years. Admitted to me that he has kept his distance from other students because they are so "easily distracted." Speaks in a detached sort of way. 

Fatima: Very overzealous. Used to great privilege.

Toushirou: Brooding, prefers solitude because it is "better this way." Seems reluctant to talk about himself. Very stoic.
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My nephew showed me how to use the net! Wasn’t that nice of him.

To the kind student who left a box of jasmine leaves by my door for brewing, I thank you kindly. It is one of my favorites.

I’m stopping by to let everyone know that I will be hosting a small retreat in the cafeteria tomorrow at seven o’clock. The theme for the evening will be “Mutations and our friends and family.” Feel free to come for friendship, constructive discussion, and refreshments.

Iroh offers Zuko a warm smile and parting words as his nephew leaves for his field trip. He is glad to see the boy lightening up a bit. After enduring such a humiliating disownment from his own father, he hasn’t been the same. Too much had been expected of him, and now Iroh takes it upon himself to be the boy’s father.

It fills a hole in his own heart, as well.

Sighing, the counselor makes his way back to his room. It’s too bad he doesn’t have any appointments this afternoon. There are a few students he would like to be able to speak with, but most of them are leaving on the trip. At least it will be quiet around the campus for a few days. Iroh will have plenty of time to think and reflect. Entering his room, he puts on a pot of water to boil.

Settling in his bed, he scans through this morning’s paper. (Zuko always insists that he can get all the news he needs on the computer, but Iroh is never one for gluing himself to a screen, no matter how convenient it’s supposed to be.) His heart sinks when he stumbles upon yet another report of a mutant political protest gone violent. Two humans and one mutant dead. It’s exhausting to think that his efforts here aren’t going to do anything in the short term, but he is still confident that things will get better with time. The world only needs patience. The future is bright. He knows it.


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